Friday, April 24, 2015

Silly Cinderella! April Friday Funny

Welcome to Friday Funny.....a place to get your laugh on. Let's not delay this and get right to it, shall we?

Jules from The Bergham Chronicles submitted this month's pic. Thanks chick!

1. Drunk from the ball, Cinderella tried to get in the wrong pumpkin.
2. I thought Humpty Dumpty was an egg?!
3. Looks like Gallagher smashes pumpkins in the off season.
4. (as the other pumpkins around the big one) You done come to the wrong neighborhood......
5. And the ugly pumpkin grew up to be a delicious pumpkin pie, enjoyed by all.

Okay, there's my captions....what would you say?

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  1. Yeah, the big guy probably won't make that mistake again ;-)
    Have a nice Weekend!

  2. These are the best yet! I laughed out loud at the CInderella one. And the country pumpkins gathering around the giant stranger. Love them all.

  3. Love the Cinderella one! Too funny! Happy Friday!

  4. Hi Twinnie! Great captions!
    #4 is my favorite. Pumpkin turf has to be protected, you know :)

  5. What's so much fun about this post for me is that we all see the same picture but it makes us think different things. Your first one is my favorite!

  6. I would say: You did fabulous. Thank you for the laughs! I hope your weekend is amazing!

  7. Yay! Another Cinderella reference! Have you seen the live action movie yet? Soooo good.

  8. OMG!!!! I had forgotten all about Gallagher!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!

  9. No#1 and #2 are my favorites---too funny!!


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