Friday, April 10, 2015

Using My Words Without Coffee Can Be Dangerous

I'm not typically a person that can just "go with the flow".

No, I'm more of a "let's plan this out and write those plans down, freak out when they don't happen" kind of person. So you can imagine how incredibly painful it was for me to have to NOT be that person.

I had dreams. Big ones. I had dreams of doing the whole "backpack through Europe" thing most teens dream about. It never happened. Money issues, time issues, life issues. But that's okay. I was going to be a superstar, a mega singer that was selling out stadiums left and right.....except I had zero sex appeal. Oh well...such is life.

I'm not one to stir trouble. I avoid that. Sometimes, though, it finds me. So, I deal with it. People say that makes me brave. I say it makes me human. What do I know though, right?

In a gutsy move on my part, I threw caution to the wind when I met this one certain person. It was absolutely life changing for me. I looked at all of my dreams, all of my hopes, and I realized that, in one moment, one breath of a second, I was willing to exchange them for something else, something HUGE.

My life was about to be dedicated to something so much bigger than me. My life was about to not belong to me anymore. It was about to belong to this gift that some might say a stork brought me. I would spend my time nourishing, comforting, loving, teaching. 

It would be so worth it.

Because let me tell you.....having a husband is a awesome!

Okay so I admit....I sat down to write this several times, but the kids were on Spring Break and The Hubs was on vacation, so I got sidetracked. A lot. As I was sitting on the toilet this morning at 3:45 AM, I realized that I'd forgotten to write this. So, I sat down, without having any coffee in me, mind you, and wrote this out. I had no clue what direction I was going to go with this, but, well, there it is. Thank you to the lovely Tamara from Confessions of a part-time working mom for the words! They were Backpack ~ stir trouble ~ exchange ~ gutsy ~ dedicated ~ stork Check out the links below to see what my friends came up with!                                 Baking In A Tornado                          Spatulas on Parade                      The Bergham’s Life Chronicles                                          The Momisodes                           Southern Belle Charm                Confessions of a part-time working mom                   Someone Else’s Genius                 Stacy Sews and Schools                              Sparkly Poetic Weirdo                    Searching for Sanity                              Climaxed                     Eileen’s Perpetually Busy                             Juicebox Confession                                  Battered Hope


  1. WOW!!! 3am???? You did a MARVELOUS job!!!!!!! I'm very impressed!!!!

  2. Great job. It seems that writing while sitting on the toilet at 3:45am agrees with you!

  3. Well, despite the ungodly hour you wrote this at, it came out beautifully!

  4. I do my best writing at odd hours and odd places,so you're not alone.
    Amazing how one chance meeting can change the direction of our lives. It did mine and no regrets

  5. Storks bring husbands!? I found mine on the street. ;)

  6. Husbands are pretty awesome. I think I'm going to keep mine...

  7. What's that saying… life is what happens while you're busy making other plans?

    Wouldn't it be awesome if one day you could take that trip to Europe WITH the family? You'd already have a friend to visit in Switzerland :-)

  8. Lol I can just imagine your husband sitting in that little sack, the poor stalk struggling to fly while carrying an extra large delivery, I'm certain that's not the visual you were going for. Isn't it amazing what our minds can pull out when we're staring at a deadline?

  9. So funny getting inspiration on the toilet -- it often happens and now I believe I will need to keep pen and paper there!

  10. I think you did fabulous! Way to tie the words together and keep it short/simple/pertinent! Loved it! What a cute way to use the words. Yes, marriage... it kinda changes things. LOL Maybe that is why I am not married?


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