Friday, April 17, 2015

Watch Out For That Fly Paper!

Oh yea, it's that time again! Time for you all to come in my house and see what's been going on. Basically, this post is little snippets of my life (in my case, through pictures) that would tell a great story, just not enough for a blog. There are a couple of my friends doing this too....I'll tell you where you can find them in a minute. But let's jump right in, shall we?

*Pi.....Pi, Pi, Pi.......he has a think against my Batman wallet and has for some time now. Maybe he is upset because he doesn't have a debit card, I don't know....but he has finally won in the battle of dog versus wallet.
Nerds every cried...including me!

*Because of Pi's constant need to make a mess and destroy everything in sight (including our wall....yea......), we finally conceded and bought him a crate. He gets locked up while we are gone. I feel bad for him, but something had to give.
Doggy jail......

*On Netflix, there is what looks like this horribly cheesy movie called Wolfcop. I've never watched it, but on the screenshots, they show this most epic picture.....I share with you now, yes?
Hellllloooooooooo sexy!

*We encourage Lil Bit to explore and have her own style. I don't get some of the outfit choices, but is better to just go with it, so I do. Here's a preview of Kindergarten Chic....
Coming to Fashion Week soon.

*Lil Bit....she's hilarious that one. She loves cereal (what girl doesn't, amiright?). Her favorites are anything with marshmallows and Fruity Pebbles. So imagine her excitement when she discovered that there actually existed a Fruity Pebbles with Marshmallows.......

*Oh, her face would be messy because we were at a church thing and she got her face painted. I got a picture of The Hubs, Girl Child, Boy Child (who was looking particularly sullen, despite finding several eggs, having a ton of food and fun and lots and lots of chocolate), and Lil Bit. Man, I love these guys!
My world!

*Easter morning, we had sunrise service with our church. We got up at 5:30 to make sure everyone was up and dressed. Girl Child was not pleased by this and channeled her inner Ally Sheedy.
Don't you...forget about her...

*Today, Boy and Girl Child are going to the middle school to shadow, because *gulp* this fall, they will be attending. This breaks my heart.......I almost cried when I had to fill this thing out!
*sigh* I'm not ready!!!

*A couple of weeks ago, Boy Child decided he wanted to get saved. He prayed about it and talked it over with our Pastor. He decided to do it at our church (we go to the main campus of our church on Wednesday evening) and in front of everyone. He wants to wait until he is much older (15) to get baptized.
This picture makes my ♥ smile

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  1. HUGS for 6th grade!!! YILES!
    Oh, wait... Cailey will be in 6th next year, too!!! :( I guess with homeschool it's a little less traumatic for me. LOL

  2. Middle school? Wow, time truly does fly.
    And I love Lil Bit's Kindergarten chic.

  3. First of all, congratulations to your beautiful son and his decision to be saved. Children are all kinds of perfect, aren't they? Second, I LOVE the kindergarten chic. I also love marshmallows. LOL. Walmart sells a cereal with crunch berries and marshmallows. We call it Kindergarten Crack. And we fight over it like addicts.
    Middle School. What?

  4. Ally Sheedy (snorts out loud)

    That is super kindergarten chic.... middle school, can't imagine...

    What a sweet and amazing pic that is of your son and the pastor!

  5. Amen Hallelujah on your son's decision. Love the kid style and Wolfcop? weird stuff LOL
    Spatulas On Parade

  6. Whoa, I wouldn't be ready for middle school either...
    Wouldn't it be fun to find out what Pi would actually purchase if you gave him your debit card?

  7. Hang in there, mama. I had to fill out junior high forms for the second year in a row (we don't have middle schools). :(


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