Friday, May 8, 2015

Don't You Just Love Where You Live?

I have lived in a few places. I was born in Ohio and I've lived in Kentucky and Florida. Within both of those states, I've lived in several cities, in several houses.

In 2014, we decided to moved to Michigan. I loved it there, but alas, it only lasted 3 weeks. We came back to Kentucky and searched for a place to lived until we could A) afford to buy a house or B) moved back to either Michigan or Florida.

The Hubs posted an ad on one of those Facebook trade groups, stating that we were looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom place to live. We got a reply from someone about this house that wanted first, last and security. We knew we wouldn't be able to come up with that, so we disregarded it.

A few weeks later, we went back to that message and discovered it was still available. We went to look at it and absolutely fell in love. We talked to the landlord and got to move in right away. And, she worked with us on the deposits.

Our landlord told us that she would sell to us on land contract. So, this past tax season, we paid the down payment and are now purchasing our home!

Yay us!!!

Now that you have that background let's address the subject. What do I love/hate about where I live.....

  • The location. My house is beautiful. I live on a half acre lot that butts up to a cow pasture. It's quiet. At night, all you hear are crickets and frogs. You can see the sunset. I also live on a dead end road, so the kids can ride their bikes without fear of traffic.
  • The house. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom double wide on a permanent foundation, making it a house.It's spacious and, for the most part, it flows well. We are making improvements to make the house more US.
  • The neighborhood. Other than my family and one other family, everyone is related. They are your typical country folk; they are super polite and not at all nosy. The neighborhood is safe. We've left doors unlocked and nothing has happened, so yay on that! lol
  • I love that the kids' school is literally right next door. It's the elementary school, so in August, Boy and Girl child will actually be at the middle school, but Lil Bit will be at this school until she's ready to move on to 6th grade.
I could go on and on, but you'd get bored, so I will go on to what I dislike.

Don't love:
  • The town. Okay, the town I live in is small. We don't have a mall and there really isn't a lot to do. small town living has it's perks, sure. But it CAN get boring.
  • The politics. This is a very Conservative Republican area. The Hubs and I are Liberal Democrats. There is a very big difference in view points.
  • The roads. Several of the really congested areas are only 2 lane roads. That makes no sense to me, but they didn't ask my opinion. Jerks.
Honestly, that's it. We are blessed to live in a beautiful area, surrounded by nature. It's quiet, peaceful, and well, it's home!

I love it!

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  1. You forgot a love: I live here too! We can be bored in this small town together! :)

    1. That's bad. It'd be lost without ya!!!

  2. I have lived in so many places it's hard to keep up, all had pros and cons. I think my two favorites were the condo on the lake, too far out but so peaceful and beautiful. the many reasons to love it, I still miss it. Congrats on the house!!

  3. Without a doubt all homes have pros and cons. I live in a big city and am a liberal democrat surrounded by conservative republicans who, when I talk about craving diversity, tell me that the lack of diversity is what they love so much about this city. Ugh.
    But you have given your children a home to call their own in a beautiful setting. That trumps all.

  4. I always forget what prompts I give to Karen, so it's always a nice surprise to see what I gave and how it is presented! I sometimes refer to my town as a Stepford Wives town, but it also is a great and safe place to live.

  5. What you describe is very similar to our place. Except 'things to do' are only a 30-60 minutes' drive away.
    I think what I value most is the sense of feeling safe, being able to let the kids play outside and walk to school by themselves without having to worry.
    So happy for you that you got this house. You are going to make such great memories!

  6. So glad the loved outweigh the don't loves!!!! <3

  7. I'd love to tell people I live in London... no need to elaborate its the one in Kentucky!


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