Friday, May 22, 2015

Please...No Little Baby Flies.....

It's that time of the month again....time for you to come be a fly on the wall of my house...or, well, my life and see what's been happening in my world. Sadly, I'm a pretty boring person, but I'm going to give you what I can. So sit back, grab a drink, and take a look.

*Lil Bit had a birthday party to go to at the local bounce house/party place. A bunch of Kindergarteners running around, freaking out, screaming and carrying on? Sounds like a blast, right? HA! Plus, I didn't know a single person there and I'm not a mingler. So imagine my excitement when I found the video game machine that had old school games on it. Oh yea, mama got her game on.

*The first Saturday in the month of May is practically a holiday here in the great state of Kentucky. Yup...The Kentucky Derby. It's a tradition around here. People flock to the state from all over, rich, middle class, poor...whatever. The biggest tradition is the hats. The women HAVE to wear huge hats.
I don't have a huge hat, so....I improvised (plus....I care very little for the derby). What do you think?

*Oh. My. GOSH! Okay, so one of my dearest best friends is Nicole from over at Disneyland in Kentucky. Her husband is a bit of a gamer and hangs out at the local comic/gamer/nerd shop. THEY SELL SURGE THERE! Sure, I paid $3 for a can (okay, I paid $2...Nicole paid $1), but by gosh, I had some. It. Was. AMAZING!!!!!!! And it made me miss my youth. When I was a teen, I use to drink Surge by the 2 liter while eating a bag of Lay's Classic potato chips and watching Bevis and Butthead. 
Ahhh.....the good ol' days.

*For a few years, we've had this restaurant called Cheddar's that I've ALWAYS wanted to eat at, but it is ALWAYS packed. One Friday, we lucked out and it wasn't packed, so we went. I ordered the Smokehouse Burger because it sounded pretty tasty. HO.LEE. CRAP! It was the most amazing thing I've ever eaten in my whole life. I took a bite and burger juices ran down my chin. I had this euphoric look on my face....I felt like Adam Richman from Man vs. Food. lol

*So....I have a secret to admit..............

*I made a yummy dinner of barbecue chicken, cheesy ranch new potatoes and green beans the other day. Man, it was delish. But......I injured myself making it. Cooking is an extreme sport, people.

*Boy Child plays soccer and his team was the #1 team in the u14 league, so they got an automatic ride to the championship game. They were undefeated. Sadly, last night, that game to an end, when they lost by 1 point. All during the season, the weather has been brutally hot or mild and tolerable. Not so for this game. No, it was cold. It was misty. It was MISERABLE. Nicole (ya know the one from Disneyland in Kentucky) has come to just about every game. She was there last night. This is what a soccer mom and soccer "aunt" look like in the cold, wet wilds of the soccer field.
Nicole is on the left. I'm in the gray

 *Last month, I shared a picture of Boy Child getting saved. This week, I have one to share of Girl Child getting saved.

Not only did she get saved, but on Mother's Day, she and Boy Child decided to get baptized.

Pretty proud mama here....just saying.

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  1. I have frozen at soccer games and I have burned my arm just like that but NEVER have I seen such a fun Derby hat!

  2. that burger sure looks tasty!!!! I want burgers now. Love the hat, will you be wearing it out of the house?

  3. OMG!! I remember Surge!!! How COOL!!!!!!
    LOVE that hat!! LOL!!

  4. Burger looks yummy and yes cooking is an extreme sport........

  5. Twinnie, I've never had Surge! I'll have to be on the lookout.
    Congratulations on both of your children getting saved and baptized!
    I have to be honest, I'm loving the Derby hat AND the Iron-man mask. Definitely fashion forward <3

  6. Love the baptism pics---and I especially love your Derby "hat" LOL!

  7. At least with soccer they'll play the games in bad weather. We're halfway through baseball season and, thanks to the barrage of rainy days, we've only had three games... between the two boys. I miss soccer some days.

    BTW, love the "hat". :)

  8. I'd never heard of Surge...I used to by Jolt by the 6-pack, though! Loved that stuff when I wanted to hang out all night. It would probably kill me now.

  9. Sounds like we like the same foods! Surge, however, sounds scary.


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