Friday, June 19, 2015

Summa Time Fly By

Alright, guys and gals, it's time to come be a fly on my wall. Basically, what this is is a chance for you to see what my life is like through snippets that wouldn't be long enough for a blog post. Let's jump right in.

*It's 2:30 AM and The Hubs comes in and wakes me up, saying "Babe...ya gotta come see this". I'm thinking "It better be something amazing....". Evidently the trees we have lining our driveway are crappy and weak, because a limb from two different trees broke off and landed on my van and his car. No MAJOR damage was done, I just no longer have a passenger side mirror and my antenna is bent.

Tree limb on The Hub's car

*The kids had their last day of school. I officially have a 1st grader and two 6th graders who will be leaving elementary school and heading to middle school. I'm not ready for this. 
Boy Child graduating from D.A.R.E and 5th Grade
Lil Bit with her Kindergarten teachers
Girl Child as student ambassador, helping with the awards.
2014-2015 school year

*The kiddos have gotten so many trophies and awards this year that we had to create a makeshift trophy case. We still have to get Sebastian's for soccer (his coach didn't know that they weren't provided, so we are getting his for him).
My kids are awesome....

*According to the WeatherBug app, we were supposed to have some peculiar weather for this time of year.....
Is it even possible to snow in 80* weather?

*On Memorial Day, The Hubs and I went to a local cemetery and found a grave that didn't look decorated and fixed that. We didn't know this person, we just felt the need to honor a soldier. I felt drawn to this particular one because he was in WWII and I'm a softy for WWII soldiers.
Thank you for your service.

*Me and this cow had a 10 minute staring contest. I won.
You're going down, cow.

*Sorry, but I love the front of my house.....
My house is pretty.

*We took an impromptu road trip to Renfro Valley, KY to see a cousin of mine I haven't seen in years. While there, we explored. Check out this picture of the kiddos in front of an old school building.
My beautiful kiddos.

*Everyone needs a random Dollar General picture with one of their best friends, right?
Me (in the hat) and my girl AllieG.

*Here are a couple of pictures of Pi, just to even things out.
Pi was scared of the thunder, so he cuddled with my leg.
It's a hard knock life for Pi.
Today is my Dad's birthday, so I just wanna say Happy Birthday, Daddy!!
My Dad and I when I was about 4 or 5.

Okay, that's all I've got for now. Make sure you check back next month to see what's going on. In the mean time, buzz over to my friends' houses and see what they are doing!                          Baking In A Tornado                          Spatulas on Parade                          Follow me home                          Menopausal Mother                        Stacy Sews and Schools                                   Battered Hope                                  Just A Little Nutty                                        The Momisodes                            Someone Else’s Genius                                Disneyland in Kentucky                            Juicebox Confession                               Dinosaur Superhero Mommy                                  Sanity Waiting to Happen                        Southern Belle Charm                      The Sadder But Wiser Girl                   Searching for Sanity                                            Go Mama O              Eileen’s Perpetually Busy


  1. HA, only you would have a staring contest with a cow. So glad you won, you ROCK!
    And I love your house too, front and back.

  2. laughed out loud at the cow one...snorts.

    Congrats to all the kids! How exciting. I know my son is all done with kindergarten surreal that he will start 1st grade soon.

    Love that you decorated the grave of a WWII solider...bravo

  3. Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

  4. Aw man, sorry about your side mirror :(
    I love the trophy case and the fact that all of your kiddos look so happy.
    You're very, very sweet to have honored that soldier. Seriously.
    Now, no building snowmen in June... xox

  5. I love your house, too! :)
    HUGS for the damaged vehicles. One of my side mirrors is duct taped on....
    If you do manage to get some snow you need to send my way, PLEASE!!!!

  6. I was shocked when I got towards the end of your post as your Pi looked so much like my Mercedez who we said good-by to this past week :( Yes, the kids grow so quickly -- so don't blink -- and you deserve to be proud of how well they are doing

  7. Please send the snow to SW Florida. Any time, we'll take it (even if I'm gone from here, send it on down. They won't care). Nice house and sorry about the cars. Hopefully insurance takes care of it?

  8. Ah, to have a dog's life. And the front of your house is pretty!


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