Monday, July 20, 2015

Always Keep Fighting

If you frequent this blog, then you know that I am pretty much an open book. There isn't much I keep to myself. If I want you to know something about me, I tell you. I just feel like, if you are going to take time to read my words (and often, my ramblings), then I should give you the honesty you deserve, hard as that may be at times.

I've spoken before about my battles with depression. I'm open about that not for pity, but what I hope will be the chance to reach just one person and inspire them to get up and seek help. No one should feel like they are alone while they are going through a time low enough to destroy them. Having support helps so much.

I recently discovered the show "Supernatural" and, well, I've been binge watching with The Hubs. One of the actors on the show, Jared Padalecki, came forward recently about his own battle with depression, reaching millions in the fandom and becoming a voice and advocate for those of us that don't know how to begin to reach people on that level.

Jared spoke freely about his depression and realized that he needed to take time to spend some R&R with his wife and two beautiful boys. 

He came out of it stronger than before.

I really admire Jared for his courage to speak out. It can't be easy in Hollywood, where so many people are at the ready to shame you for something small. He displayed an amazing amount of bravery and, without realizing it, he became a beacon of hope for people who otherwise had none. I know that seems like a lot to put on a person, but I think that he knew he could handle it, which is why he was so outspoken about his struggles.

I feel like there was a reason for me to start watching "Supernatural". If I hadn't, I probably would have blown this whole thing off. I'm glad I did start, though, because it led me to something really amazing, something that I, as a person with depression, really needed.

I applaud and thank Jared, for being such an inspiration to all of us out that that might need it.



  1. Sarah, I wished we lived closer. There is so much about every word you wrote that I understand. Thanks to people like Jared (and you), there are people (like me) that feel less lonely. <3

  2. Did I miss your Fly on the Wall post? I don't see it. I appreciate how open you are about depression. I shared about in my post today as well. Amazing how it can affect so many in so many different ways.


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