Friday, July 24, 2015

So. Many. Flies!

It's time to be a fly on my wall! There has been a lot going on this month, so let's jump right into it. None of this will be in order, but why...order is overrated, right?

* I'm driving home one day and get stuck behind a truck hauling logs. Naturally I drove as slow as I could and kept as much distance between us as possible.....
We've all seen Final Destination....we know how this ends.

*Most 5 year old little girls are all about watching Disney or something like that. Mine? She was absolutely FASCINATED by Shark Week.
Let me just pull my recliner over here and watch the sharks.....

*Summer has not been kind to the girls. They've gotten tired of each other and all they do is argue. Well, mama here got SICK OF IT. So, I put them in this shirt. Together. And made them wear it for 30 minutes.....
Someone was NOT pleased with me.

*I'm not a gardener. I don't have a green thumb. Every single time I've tried to grow something, it has died or just not done anything. It seems, however, that I CAN grow tomatoes! We've already had one ripen and ate it. At this time, we have 10 on the plants, just waiting to get red. *pats self on back*
I grew that!!! (Hubs helped too)

*If you recall, in my last Fly post, the weatherbug app was calling for snow in 83 degree weather. Well, NOW, apparently, Kentucky has turned to Hell, because that same app called for it to be HOT!
I wasn't

* We recently decided to window shop so we could price clothes and shoes for back to school. While at the local shoes store we scored an AWESOME deal on a pair of Adidas soccer cleats for Boy Child. $10!!!!
My soccer player is moving up!

* We had a cookout for 4th of July. I'm not that skilled when it comes to baking, but The Hubs and I both agreed that we needed SOMETHING to eat that was festive. So, I made festive strawberries!
Cool whip and blue sugar sprinkles. BAM! Done! lol

*We participated in something called the Fatherhood Initiative over Father's Day weekend. Basically, it was an event to offer info and support on how to reintroduce absent father's back into their children's lives. My Pastor decided that I was artistic (boy, he was and should face paint. My back STILL hurts.....I'll never do that again!(the face painting, not the event...) lol

* We recently went through and cleaned out the kids' closets, getting rid of clothes they don't fit in anymore. We decided to try some of Girl Child's clothes on Lil Bit. The results made me sad.
This whole outfit used to be Girl Child's

* Marilyn Manson....what happened to him? He's put on some weight.......I found this picture while scrolling through recent pics of him and...well....I laughed. A lot.
If you didn't sing this to the tune of "Beautiful People", something is wrong with

*Finally, today is a very special day. Today, Boy and Girl Child turn 11. My heart breaks, because they are getting older and I don't like that. They start middle school this year and, well....this just can't be right. They were just babies. So, with that said.....Happy Birthday, Boy and Girl Child. I love you both!

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  1. Your kids are getting so big, it's just amazing.
    I'm sitting here thinking that I don't know if I'd put Lil Bit in a shirt with Girl Child after she's watched shark week. That could have gone all kinds of bad!

  2. I LOVE the sharing a shirt idea. I used to make my kids hold hands when they fought. It worked for a while...LOL
    Your beautiful kids are growing so fast!
    Stay cool in that 147 degree heat ;)


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