Monday, August 10, 2015

Beat The Heat: Back to School Edition

Welcome to Blog With Friends, a blog where you can experience several different projects from some really awesome bloggers. I am not crafty, but you will see some crafts and several of blogs of amazingness!

As I said, I'm not crafty. I can't bake and I am not a gourmet cook. So, my blog is going to be about how to save money and your sanity during this most amazing time of the year....Back to School!

I have three kids, two that started middle school. My girls are fashion forward (or at least attempt to be). I was not sure how I was going to do this craziness. I thought we were going not only lose our minds, but also our money...all of it.

So how did I beat the heat of back to school shopping? Well, let me break it down child by child.

Boy Child: He was pretty easy. He's at the point in his life where he just wants to wear basketball shorts, a tshirt and sneakers. The most expensive thing we bought him was an Under Armor (UA) outfit with UA shoes. We shopped sales and found an AWESOME deal on shorts for him at Burke's, a local store. For school supplies, we just went to Wal-Mart and got the cheapest of everything. He got a free backpack with his soccer camp enrollment and he is using that.

Girl Child: She's practically a grown woman at the age of 11. I lucked out and got her an awesome outfit from Rue 21. We get a lot of her clothes from Goodwill too. She's in a size 9 in shoes (IN WOMENS!!!!!). We got them at a local place called Shoe Show, where they have name brand at discount prices. She got a really nice pair of Nikes. Same thing for her on the school supplies...cheapest.

Lil Bit: I think we lucked out the most with her. We had a bunch of clothes that Girl Child had grown out of and that someone needed. She had a bunch of clothes that HER daughter grew out of that would fit Girl Child. We swapped and, let me tell you, Lil Bit made OUT! She got a TON of super nice clothes and even a bunch of shoes, boots and sandals. 1st grade doesn't require a lot and we found her a barely used backpack for $1 at a resale.

We also got a lot of items from Dollar Tree. We saved a lot by going there. Don't be afraid to get the basics one will know!

How did you save for back to school?

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  1. I love the way you used all the resources available to you to get exactly what each child needed without breaking the bank. You're a smart shopper!

  2. I can completely understand where you are coming from! I too have to penny pinch everywhere I can. I use to coupon a lot and buy things that way. Now that I am in a small town that is not really coupon friendly, I have resulted in shopping for things when they are on rollback at Walmart or have super good deals at Walgreen's (those are the only two stores here other than Office Depot). This year I did quite well at getting things before school started. I normally slack and don't get it done until after school is started.

  3. YAY!! That is so awesome!!! Glad you were able to find such great deals!!!!

  4. Swapping or trading with other moms is a great idea! Glad you didn't go broke!

  5. I love thrift shopping for my kids. Thankfully they love it too!

  6. I'm not looking forward to the BTS shopping. In fact, I'm terrified. TWO kids in junior high.

    My 10 year old is also in the athletic gear phase. Nothing else will do.


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