Friday, August 21, 2015

Buzzin' 'Round A Cow Butt

Alright, ladies and gents, it's time to come be a Fly on my wall. You know it's that zany time of the month where I post little snippets of my life that are somewhat funny and blog worthy, but lack enough story to actually constitute the NEED for a blog.

This month, you get all kinds of crazy and fun stuff, so sit back, grab a drink and let's see what kind of trouble we got into.

*We all know that Boy Child is all about soccer, right? Well, I think I've mentioned that someone from church has a daughter that has played since Kindergarten and she offered to help him out, as well as pay for him to attend the soccer camp at our local Optimist Club, hosted by some British folks. 
He. Had. A. Blast!
The coaches were absolutely amazing and I am so happy he got to experience this.
Boy Child and Coach Adam
Boy Child and Coach James

*Okay, so none of us have ever had pink eye. Being the overachiever she is and having the desire to be the first at everything, Girl Child decided to get it.
The day before school.
We nicknamed her Pinky, because...well...why not, right?
Ol' Pinky herself!

*The kids went back to school at the beginning of this month. I sent Ol' Pinky because she was upset about missing the first day and she wasn't THAT contagious. I had the day off, which I was like "YAY!!!" I got them up, got them ready, snapped pics and sent them on their way. Lil Bit went to 1st grade and Boy and Girl Child (aka Pinky) went to 6th grade at the middle school. Le sigh. Here they are, all grown up and stuff.
Jerks. lol
Boy Child, Lil Bit and Girl Child, all squinty 'cause of the pink eye.

*Speaking of back to school, can I just say that Girl Child is taking after my side of the family. Okay, I wear a size 11 shoe (shut up, don't judge me). That child, that 11 year old, 6th grader daughter of mine, wears a size.....9. Yes, a size FREAKING 9. In women's. 
Folks, I've found Big Foot.....and its a tween girl!

*I got the honor of getting to witness two people get married this month. These two people are absolutely amazing guys that just radiate love for one another. Seeing them get married in the state we live in was truly awe-inspiring and made me that much more sure that my fight for marriage equality was the right fight. Congrats, Chris and Taylor! Thank you, once again, for allowing my family to be part of your amazing, beautiful day.
Chris and Taylor, two amazing men with an amazing love!

*We went to our towns Homecoming festival to watch our Pastor's son's band play. While there, our Pastor treated the girls to Dip'n Dots. Lil Bit, being the tiny dictator she is, decided that Girl Child needed to be fed. It was adorbs.
Here comes the choo-choo train!

*So....I dyed my hairs.....I was a redhead...ish......
Not anymore!

*Pi....he's a jerk. He ate my lunch bag. My brand new, only used a couple of weeks lunch bag. I need to get a new one, but in the meantime, I have to use...well........just look.
Thanks for loaning me your spare lunch bag, Lil Bit!

*So, with back to school comes the dreaded back to school crud. So far this week (alone), we've had to keep Lil Bit home and, just Thursday, I had to go get Girl Child from school and take her to urgent care. Turns out, she had a horrible ear infection. Crud, Crud, go away. Please just stay away...don't come back another day! lol 
Here is Girl Child, poor thing, passed out on the air mattress we keep in our floor incase Lil Bit comes in and sleeps there. First pink eye, then an ear infection, all within 3 weeks....takes it's toll on a kid.
Doesn't she look so innocent?

*For their birthday, we got Boy and Girl Child cell phones, with unlimited texting. Turns out, this comes in handy in certain situations.......
Like this one.

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  1. You need to stop all that sick stuff right now!'
    I adore that text, so funny. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of those in your future Fly on the Wall posts!

    1. Well, now you know that I'm sick,

  2. Man, back to school sicknesses bite! I hope everyone is feeling better soon. On a side note, your "new" lunch bag is kind of awesome!
    The church where your friends got married looks like a castle! Beautiful, all around.
    Teens and texting. Good luck with that!

    1. It's actually a shelter at an old college. We had our sunrise service there. It was really nice. I like it up there.

  3. Gosh - it sounds like you got your hands full with all the back to school and then they get sick. YUK --
    Do you think you will leave you hair this color?

    1. Probably, but I'm thinking of adding streaks of color to it.

  4. Things you don't think you'll ever hear or say... until you have kids.

    I played soccer for 12 years, so I understand the pull.

    Your Bigfoot and my Bigfoot could have a foot growing competition! He's 13... and so is his so size.

    Love your hair! Va-va-voom is right!


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