Monday, September 7, 2015

Jailed for Christ?

Unless you've lived under a rock for the past few months, you know all about Kentucky clerk Kim Davis out of Rowen County and how she refused to issue marriage licenses to the residents of Rowen County, both gay and straight, because her religious beliefs forbid her from issuing the licenses to same-sex couples.

Recently, she was found in contempt of the court and was jailed. Oh boy, was there an outburst of angry folks over that one! Many say that Davis was jailed for her religious beliefs and for "standing on the word of God". There has been an outpouring of supporting, addresses shared to send her cards and letters of encouragement, etc, etc.

According to the ruling made by the Supreme Court of the United States, it is unconstitutional for same-sex couples to be denied a marriage license in all 50 states. With that in mind, all states started issuing marriage licenses. Here in Kentucky, only 117 clerks out of the 120 actually did their job. Kim Davis from Rowen County, Casey Davis (no relation) from Casey County and Kay Schwartz from Whitley County all refused to issue the licenses, stating religious convictions were preventing them from being able to do the job.

Here's the thing.....these clerks are simply issuing a piece of paper to a couple so they can take it to someone else and get married. That's it. THEY aren't actually performing the ceremony. People want to argue that these clerks' rights are being taken away because they are being forced to do something that "goes against their religious beliefs". Religious liberties do NOT extend to elected government officials. Why? Because if it did, it would open them up to so many discrimination cases, their attorneys wouldn't be able to keep up. If we gave government officials the right to deny people service based on whether or not their beliefs jived with the person, then we would basically have a government where we would all have to believe the exact same thing or be screwed. That's not right.

People want to argue that we are a Christian nation. We aren't. I learned this in elementary school. We are a country founded by people who came here seeking asylum from the oppression the Church of England was placing on them. The Church of England was basically saying "fall in line or be damned". Wow, that sounds oddly familiar. Our founding fathers wanted a country that gave freedom of religion.....meaning we had the right to believe, or not believe, as we saw fit. We have strayed so far away from that frame of mind.....but that's a different post for a different day.

People are making Kim Davis out to be a martyr because of her being jailed. She's not. She is a woman that felt she was above the law and was shown that she wasn't. Religion isn't the issue to the general public. It only is for HER and her supporters. The general public just wanted her to either do her job or step aside and let someone else. If her religious convictions were THAT strong and that is TRULY why she wasn't doing her job, then she would have stepped aside. 

Instead, she chose to fight the law and the law won. She wouldn't back down and it really gives the impression that she basically just wanted to pick and choose who was worthy of getting married. In essence, at least to me, she basically was lording over the county. Sure, those who couldn't get a license in Rowen County could go to a neighboring county, but really, why should they have to? They live, work and worship in Rowen County, they pay taxes (and, by proxy, Davis' salary) in Rowen County, so they should be able to receive all the services the county has to offer, regardless of their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. 

If Kim Davis could legally refuse to issue a license to same-sex couples due to her religious beliefs, what's next? Could she legally refuse those of different faiths? Or those of no faith at all? Where would it stop?

This is why we have separation of Church and State. That way, neither can interfere with the other. Some may argue that marriage is a religious act, but really, unless it is performed by a person of faith, it is really just a legally binding contract between two people, hence why it is issued by the government. Marriage has, for the most part, always been a secular act. It wasn't until 1184 that it became a sacrament. Even today, you can choose to have a person of faith perform the ceremony or you can have a judge, notary, or justice of peace do it. 

The point is, Kim Davis was not jailed because she is a Christian. She was not jailed because she was standing on God's word. She was jailed because she didn't do her job. Point blank. She was jailed because she was ordered to do so by several judges and she refused. She refused based on her religious convictions, but that's on her, not the judge that jailed her. She made it about religion. As a Christ follower, I would have supported her if she'd said "ya know, I'm too strong in my belief that this is wrong, so I'm going to step down and let someone who can do this job take over." But she didn't. Instead, she stood fast in her refusal, likely because she is fond of that $80,000 a year salary. Either way, she is in the wrong and in the place she needs to be. 

Her options? Either hand the position over to someone else or do the job you were elected to do. 

As for her supporters.....I wish you would take a second and really look at what is going on her. Take your mind out of your Bible for just a second and look at this logically.

Also, as a Christ follower myself, these clerks and their supporters are doing more harm for the building of Christ's kingdom than they are doing good. They are pushing people further from Christ because they are making Christ look like someone who hates those who aren't like them. That's not true. If you are reading this and unsure, let me just say this. Christ loves YOU. Live your life to be the best possible person you can be, accept Christ into your heart as your savior and you're golden. 

The best thing you can do to be a Christ follower? LOVE EACH OTHER.


  1. Absolutely right! I agree with this 100%. She fails to do her job, period. If we went to work tomorrow and refuse to do our jobs, for whatever reason, we would be fired...on the questions asked. Why should Ms.Davis be any different?...

  2. Agree with this wholeheartedly.

    And most definitely agree that the best thing we can do is love one another!

  3. I completely and whole heartily agree with her moral compass however even from my Christian perspective I do not agree that she (Mrs.Davis) should impose her belief system on everyone else. If she can not preform the job in which she was elected to do then she needs to resign. If one does not believe in abortion one does n ot go get a job in an abortion clinic and then say I refuse to preform the abortion. The religious people who are now wanting to take a stand should have stormed the supreme courts when they decided to define marriage as per the constitution. But as Christians they did not, now we must live with what we allowed to happen while we sat back and thrust our heads in the sand...just like Jesus said render unto Caesar the things that are Ceasars and unto God the things that are is to spread the plan of salvation to all the world and then do what God did and stand back and allow them to decide...we all will be judged before the throne the same...Amen


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