Friday, September 18, 2015

The Fall of the Fly

Dude.....can you believe it is already September?! Good LAWD this year has flown by. 

So, it's that time again, where you get to be a fly on my wall and see what all is new and exciting in the Momisodes house. We are extremely interesting people, so I can see why you would want to hang around....okay, I can't keep the lie up. We are boring. If we had a reality show, it would be "The Most Boring Family EVER!"

Nonetheless, I DO have a ton to fill you in on this month, so let's get to it, shall we?

*Remember the back to school crud that hit our house? Well, it finally got me. And got me it did. I was fine one second and the next....I was shivering and just feeling like total butt. I took a shower and it didn't help, so I laid down for just a second so I could warm up and...well. I fell asleep. Naturally, The Hubs decided this would be a good time to snap a pic of me and I'm going to share it with all of you. I present all my sick glory.


*I have to share this....because......well......

*We have two new additions to the family. First, we got a kitten. I was going to name him Giuseppe, because I love that Arby's commercial. In the process of talking about him, I said his nickname was going to be Kitty G. Well, that name was just too awesome to NOT use, so meet Kitty G Furry Death.
Fear me! For I am Furry Death!!!

*Our second edition is a dog. A couple of weeks ago, The Hubs snuck off to a mobile adoption and took Lil Bit with him. She met this dog and they fell in love with each other. So, for her birthday, we surprised her by adopting the dog. We were going to name her Pumpkin, so we'd have Pumpkin and Pi, but it just didn't stick. They'd named her SuElla, so we dropped the Su and call her Ella. So please meet Ella Bella Mae (and my messy van floor....)
Yes, she has a blue and brown eye

*Ella is a sweet dog, but she is a little bit food aggressive, so we let her eat in our bathroom and, well....she'd scared Pi, so he will only eat with his food on the loveseat. Now, usually, he will just eat it, because he is so big he can stand up and eat it just fine. I guess laziness got the best of him though because......
Lazy cow....

*Oh look...another one of me sleeping....I like to sleep.....

*Girl Child went to her first middle school dance. Poor kid asked 5 different boys to go with her and they all shot her down. Silly boys. But this is my biggest baby girl, looking WAY too grown up.
11 going on 16.

*That weekend, she decided to chop off her hair.
Not a fan of long hair, this one

*Boy Child is playing fall soccer and had his first game Saturday. Poor guys lost HORRIBLY, but they also had only 8 players, so all 8 had to play the entire game. I'm so proud of the boy, though. He has come SO FAR from when he first started and has especially improved over this summer with all the help he got. I also like their shirts a lot more this year.
My soccer player!

*Check out what I scored from Goodwill! A $3 (probably) knock off Coach purse. Knock off or not, I love it!!

*The Hubs painted our front door and, last month, we had a wreath made. We are going to powerwash and paint our siding and shutters, but so far, I love the look of the door.

*Okay, now in to Lil Bit. I saved her for last for a good reason.....

*First, she turned 6 last month and my heart broke even more, because my last baby is growing up and I'm really not okay with this.....This is her on her birthday, before school.
She looks so grown!!!!!

*Lil Bit also lost her first tooth.
Being that she is the baby, the last first tooth I will experience, she got not only $5 for the first tooth, but she got something she has been begging for for SO!
Meet Joy and Oh
She came into my room the other day and told me that we needed to clean the tank because there was "brown fuzzy stuffy" floating in it. I asked her if it was stringy and she said no, just dots. I informed her that it was goldfish poop and that they swim in, and sometimes eat, their own poop. This is her reaction.

 *Finally, I want to send a very Happy Anniversary shoutout to The Hubs. Today makes 7 years we've been married. I couldn't imagine my life without him in it. He is literally the other half of my soul. Without him, none of the dreams I had would have come true. Happy Anniversary, babe. I love you! Perfect for and because of each other!

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  1. I thought you had bought a home, but apparently I was wrong, you bought a zoo.
    And those are some mighty spoiled animals. Dinner on the couch? Really, Pi? What are you going to do when the pig and the goat move in?

  2. Great picture of Lil' Bit and her reaction to what the brown fuzzy stuff is! Hilarious! My daughter is approaching 6, so I'm sure she would have the same reaction!

  3. Lots to share is right! Great pic of you sleeping LOL. Your Ella looks like our last rescue. Seven whole years -- seems like so long ago as we are approaching our 47th!!

  4. You poor thing, there have been some nasty bugs going around down here, and my whole family has fallen sick one by one. I was the first one though, (so they're all blaming me for bringing it into the family) and I can understand feeling like butt. Luckily for me there was no one around to photograph me while I was sleeping off my virus, but I love that you not only kept the photo, you popped it up here for us to enjoy. Happy anniversary to you and hubs too.

  5. Love Lil Bit's reaction! Too funny.

    My tween doesn't do well with long hair either. I'm hoping we can get it cut off soon.


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