Friday, October 23, 2015

Don't Be A Fly.....

It's time to come be a fly on my wall and see what's new in my world. Basically, what this is is a post of things that happened this past month that wouldn't be long enough for their own post. 
As always, there will be pictures. So, without further adieu.......

*This is what happens when you take two dogs out and they get all excited and start chasing each other around, wrapping themselves around your leg. This is a leash bruise. It's just now going away. pants are down....

* I've not gotten how kids can fall asleep in random places and sleep in weird positions. Ya this one.
Like out slip cover? The dogs ate the couch, then the sheet....yes, that's Monster High. We are that cool.

* Let me paint this picture for you. I had to go to the doctor, but when I got there, there was an issue with my insurance, so they wouldn't see me. I was driving home when someone from the insurance place called me back. So, I pulled off in a parking lot and had my conversation. When I was done with the convo, I snapped a picture of the cones across the street at the fire station. Here's why.
That' says sorting hat.....ya know...Harry Potter....

*On October 10, The Hubs and I had a rare treat....a date night! We got to go see Casting Crowns with Lauren Daigle. We had AWESOME seats and a really good time. We took a ton of pictures, but here are two.
Lauren Daigle
Casting Crowns

* So, I'm using the bathroom, right? The door leading to the laundry room is shut, but the door leading to the bedroom isn't. Evidently the bedroom door wasn't shut either, because I look over and see that I'm being watched. I guess it's only fair....I watch her when she goes (to make sure she actually goes)
Creeper dog is creeping.....

* Lil Bit wasn't feeling that hot last month. We took her to the doctor, then had to go get her prescriptions. We let her lay in the cart, but didn't expect her to fall asleep. She totally did. It broke my heart.
Sickly Lil Bit

* You know those wax burner things that you buy through Scentsy (or, if you're cheap like me, you get them at Walmart)? We have 4 or 5 of them, maybe 6, I'm not 100% sure. The Hubs is a wax fanatic......literally....
All together, he had close to 30 packs.

* One of our awesome friends from church loaned us his pressure washer so we can wash our house. It was filthy, due to all the storms and, well, neglect. OMGosh, when we got done (by we, I mean The Hubs...I just helped a little), it looked amazing......
We are thinking about painting the siding white and the shutters teal to match our door.

* So, in addition to work, the blog, church stuff and general life stuff, I decided I wasn't quite busy enough and threw being a college student into the mix. Yup, I am a full time student at Southern New Hampshire University!

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  1. So funny where and when kids can fall asleep. I need that as my superpower!

  2. Sarah! Congrats on becoming a college student! That's fantastic!
    You are one busy momma. Make sure you're taking care of your self along the way.
    I need a pressure washer . Our windows and garage door are a hot mess!

  3. Awh - poor Lil Bit, falling asleep in the cart! Funny pic of your dog watching you.

  4. Wow! You have one crazy, busy schedule, girl! Hey, that bruise looks painful. My dogs have jerked me around a time or two when I walked them on a leash but not that bad, LOL! Hope Lil Bit is feeling better--poor thing!

  5. oh no when they get sick and you can't do anything to make them feel better it's so heartbreaking. ouch that's a bad bruise, that hazards of dogs, but also so worth it.

  6. Congrats on becoming a student again, I hope it all goes well for you. That bruise does look very nasty you poor thing. I love how quickly kids can fall asleep in the weirdest of positions, my daughter fell asleep yesterday while I was giving her a manicure. I know they are relaxing but I didn't think it was that relaxing.

  7. Nice clean house, that always makes me feel better.
    freaky! creeping dog! LOL
    My legs are covered in bruises from work.

  8. Congratulations on becoming a college student!

    I'm sure the Sorting Hat was just at his summer job... ;)

  9. Congrats on going back to school. Did you schedule time to breathe? I recognize the bruise. I have them a lot......

  10. Pressure washing is one of my favorite chores. Instant gratification! My dog always watches me in the bathroom -- maybe it is for the same reasons we watch them!


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