Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ode To Candy Tax

I dress you up
I take you out
We go here
We go about
Begging from strangers
Please fill up our bags
Nevermind the exhausted mom
Or the tired dad
We go there
We go everywhere
Seeking the most
Thinking you won't share
But oh, my little ones
Guess again
November first
My fun begins
You see mom and dad
Don't take you out for fun
Oh no, my child because
When it's all said and done
We get to go through it all and
See what goodies you got
It's time to get paid
For the breaking of our backs
Guess why, my dears
It's time to pay your
Candy tax

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  1. Love it! The Candy Tax is a must! SPOOKtacular Halloween Poem!

  2. Great laugh and great concept. My boys are too old for trick or treating, maybe I should collect tax from the kids who come to my door?

  3. Candy tax is a scary thing really...I dont want to give up any of my candies!!! They're all mine!!!

  4. So true! I call my kids my "candy beard".

  5. I am totally going to use the "candy tax" this year to explain why I have a chocolate mustache. :)

  6. Maybe it's because I've raised em to think candy tax is just part of the deal, but my kids always bring me a handful of my faves before they dig in for themselves! Blessed!


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