Friday, November 20, 2015

The United States Confuses The Fly

It's the time of month again where you get a glimpse into my home and daily life. I've been busy, busy, busy, with work, school, church and just every day life. But I have some pictures lined up for you, as well as geography lesson that is sure to make you So let's jump right into it, shall we?

* Twin day at school for Girl and Boy Child. I really don't feel that we played fair in this one, but, well, they wanted to participate.
We got this twins thing down!

* Halloween. The time of year when parents dress their kids up to go to perfect stranger's houses to beg for free candy so that we, the parents, can eat said candy. Girl and Boy Child are getting older and probably won't go out much longer, but Lil Bit is still all about it. This year, we had a zombie, 80's rocker and Book of Life character.
Zombie Rock Pirates?

* No, Thanksgiving isn't here yet. So what. I wanted to decorate my house and put my tree up. You're not the boss of me!
The Hubs' handy work
Le tree!

* Our church hosted a community Thanksgiving dinner and we helped with providing some of the drinks, because most of the food was taken care of. I also made my assigned 3 centerpieces. It was such a good time, feeding those who may not have a dinner or those who may have been hungry. Someone came in that really needed the love of Jesus and we were able to send him back out full and with food. It was a blessing.
6 gallons of pink lemonade and 7 gallons of iced tea
My centerpieces. I'm not crafty, but I like them!

* I have this thing for old cameras. I think they are awesome and make pretty cool decorations. I bought one a few months ago and, the other day, I found a new one. I snatched it it! Petri 7S.

* I am done with my first term of school. I made an A in my History class and a B in my Anthropology class. I'm pretty stoked about that....

* Finally, we were talking with Girl and Boy Child about their upcoming states quiz. Yea...I don't think they will pass. Here is some of the convo.

"What is the capital of West Virginia?"
"There is no West Virginia... Only North and South Virginia."
"What's the capital of Washington?"
"No, Washington state..."
"There's a Washington state?!"

That's just some of got better and there was lots of laughter. And no, I present you...the map according to Girl and Boy Child!

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  1. That map is hysterical. I think those kids better get studying if they want to get good grades like their mom!

  2. Another gr8 story, loved the map, they're just as bad in geography as their Nana.... well written!

  3. Awh - Two of your kids are getting too old for Halloween?! I guess that does happen! My kids are excited about it, just like Lil Bit! Pretty 'le Tree! If stores decorate right after Halloween, then you can too!

  4. I'm getting the decorating itch too!!!! I can't wait.

    the map according to them is cracking me up....

    what wonderful centerpieces and all those drinks..what a beautiful thing to do.

    they look like twins to me!

  5. The state capital story made my day. Love that map.
    Congrats to you, smart Twinnie on your school grades! You should be very proud!
    Your community Thanksgiving dinner sounds wonderful. I'm glad you were able to be part of it <3

  6. Not only were your centerpieces great but more importantly they carry a message. I have not decorated for Christmas in 4 years but when I did -- I did it EARLY to enjoy it longer. Hopefully next year I will be able to and will do it in October!!! Love your family stories and pics.

  7. Interesting. I remember you posting about the states test on FB! Too funny. I hope they pass...


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