Monday, December 14, 2015

Through Foggy Windows

Through the steam from my cup
I gaze out my window
Thinking of this time of year
The glitz and the glam
The turkey or ham
Families gathering again
Gifts given and received
Missing loved ones grieved
Prayers whisper to them in Heaven

Through twinkling lights
I drift into a daydream 
One of sugarplums
And eggnog
Ugly Christmas sweaters
Movies we can't wait to watch
Laughter and cheer
The songs we love to hear
The smell of tape from Scotch

Through a foggy window
I watch my children play
I hear the gleeful laughter
I take mental picture of this day
I glance at my husband
Cheerfully watching the game
I notice my reflection
The smile that is there
This is what I live for
This is my Christmas cheer

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  1. Love your poem! Great way to spread Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas!

  2. Great job! You're such a better poet than I am. I could see it all unfold.

  3. A perfect reminder of what's really important this holiday season.


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