Friday, February 19, 2016

Buzz Buzz Little Fly

Well, hello there! Welcome to my Fly on the Wall post. This month, we will have a combination of random thoughts, statuses from my personal Facebook page and, of course, pictures. So let's just dive right in, shall we?

*I AM SICK OF SNOW!!! There, I said it. The kids have missed SOOOO much school because of snow, it's stupid. They get so tired of being home and the school likes to wait until you get all excited, thinking there will be school, to drop the bomb that nope....there shall be no educating the young. *sigh* 

*From The Hubs' Facebook: 

Sarah was so innocent when she was younger. She thought the Reba song "Fancy" was about a girl going to her prom. ‪#‎ThatsNotQuiteRight‬ ‪#‎FancyDontLetMeDown‬

Sarah and I had an out of the mouth of children moment this morning. She was telling me about the sloth bowl. Like the puppy bowl, only with sloths. Lil Bit asked what a sloth was and we replied that they were the slowest moving, laziest things on earth. To which our darling little daughter replies. "Oh, kinda like you guys" Yeah, That kids out of the will..

*From my Facebook:

Girl Child to me: What's Am-ish Potato Salad?
Me: Am-ish?
Her: Yes, Am-ish.
At this point, I'm completely dumbfounded by the fact that my typically extremely smart 11 year old is saying Am-ish, so I'm saying it, while explaining to her what they do. Then I ask if she's ever heard of a community like that. She said no. I said really? Not even the AMISH community?
Her: Oh....

"I thought that back in your day, you didn't have TV." - Lil Bit.
That kid is outta the will.

*side note: We don't actually HAVE a will....*

*Lil Bit got a new bed! We bought her a loft bed in an attempt to free up some room in her bedroom that she shares with Girl Child. So far, she seems to love it.
She's on top of the world!!!

* Curious about how we spend Saturday mornings? Well......kinda like this.....
Me, Ella, and The Hubs' legs, watching CMT

* Someone likes getting her belly rubbed.........
She plays dead a lot. lol

* Finally, let's look at some sleeping kids, shall we?

Boy Child has been asking for a futon FOR-EV-ER!!!! We finally got him one. He decided to stay up late one night playing his Xbox and...well.....fell asleep in the middle.....

*Being the good big brother he is, he often let's Lil Bit hang out in his room and watch him play video games. He did this and she passed out while hanging out.

*Girl Child is usually the first kid awake. We aren't sure what happened, but the other day, the kid actually slept until, like, 11. It was crazy and we are convinced she was replaced by a pod person.

Oh, and one last thing..........
Most of you know that I'm an online college student at Southern New Hampshire University. I'm in my 3rd term. I got this email the other day and....well...........
That's right! I made the Dean's List for the fall semester!!!!!!!

Okay, that's all I've got for  you this month. Go buzz over to my friends' and see what they have going on, will ya?

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  1. That futon seems to be a sleep inducer. Don't ever get rid of it! Love Lil Bit's new bed, great idea to loft it. Between the loft bed and the futon your kids are ready for college dorm life.
    Oh, and speaking of college, congratulations on the Dean's List!

  2. Congratulations on your accomplishment! That's awesome <3

  3. The AM-ish just cracked me up! Too funny! Congrats on making the Dean's List!

  4. Congratulations on making the Dean's list, that is amazing. I can't believe your kids love a futon. I had one when I was a starving twenty something who couldn't afford a bed, and I hated it.

  5. Can't relate to being sick of snow -- I'm sick of not having any for years. This year we had one quarter of one inch! I envy your Saturday morning time!

  6. rubs that belly too, so cute

    That is an awesome new bed and futon...they are so lucky!

  7. Congratulations on the Dean's List! Simply fantastic and I am proud of you!

    I love looking at my kids when they sleep - they are so funny!

    BTW, you let your innocent mind keep thinking that song's about prom. I won't think less of you. ;)


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