Friday, February 5, 2016

Cookin' Up Some Love

I met The Hubs online, on a dating website, back in May of 2008. We didn't meet face to face until August. When we first talked online, we talked for hours about, life, love, anything you could think of. I thought we hit it off and we agreed to meet at Starbucks the next day.

He stood me up.

For whatever reason, we stopped talking, then a few months later, I sent him a text out of the blue. We finally met on August 21 and we've been together ever since. We got married 3 weeks after we met.

September will make 8 years we've been married.

People have said that it wouldn't work, because of how fast we got married. But we have managed to prove them wrong so far. We've been through things that could possibly tear other couples apart. We stood strong in those times and our relationship came out stronger than ever.

I won't say it's been easy. It hasn't. But we've never let our problems become bigger than our love. He's my partner in EVERYTHING, just as I'm his. We have a mutual respect and support for each other. Trust me when I say, he knows me WAY better than I know myself.

It's rare that you'll meet a man that will take on kids that weren't biologically his and, not only love them, but adopt them, give them his name, and just be amazing about everything. He truly does not treat them any differently than he treats Lil Bit, who is ours together.

So, what ingredients do I use to cook up a successful relationship? Love, respect, trust, communication and a dash of humor (or in my case, someone took the lid off and it all came out. haha). The Hubs and I by no means has a perfect relationship. But, as we always say, we are perfect for and because of each other.

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My subject is "What's the recipe for a successful relationship?"  It was submitted by my awesome friend Jules from The Bergham Chronicles. Thanks chick!

Now, do me a solid and see what my friends have for ya, please?!?! 

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  1. I agree with all of the ingredients in your recipe!

  2. Awww. Your romance was even more whirlwind than mine! I hate it when people used to say we wouldn't make it because he hadn't known each other long. Guess you and I both showed the haters - I'll be married 14 years next month!

  3. There is no perfect relationship but yours is about as close as it can get. As the years go by, you will find new ways to love each other, deeper than you ever thought possible. I loved what you said "we've never let our problems become bigger than our love" It's our 44th year this year and looking forward to 44 more

  4. Married mine in 5 weeks. It will be 23 years in July. Wouldn't change a thing, even though he makes me nutty some days

  5. I like and agree with your ingredients. Good job

  6. This is so wild! I met my husband on Aug 21st too! We met on a Friday night and moved in together the very next day and that was 25 years ago this year(we did get married 2 years later). We've never spent a night without the other. And even weirder I had a son and then we had a daughter together and her nickname was Little Bit, she's 24 now and has twins lol! When its real you know that's all I can say.

  7. Great post and so true...I also like to joke with hubby that I cna easily poison his food and make his sick...which is why we work so well ;)

  8. Did you ever find out why he didn't who up for your first date? I'm glad the two of you met after all, look how far you've come! 💕


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