Friday, March 18, 2016

Buzz Buzz Little Reader

It's time to come be a fly on my wall. You all know how this works.....I tell you about a few things that have been going on and you laugh at my life. Or cry because your bored to tears. Either way works. lol

We didn't really have an exciting month, so I'll give you what I have to work with.

*Yes, I thought this was funny, because I saw chickens eating vegetarians.

What goes on at this farm?!?!

*I'm not sure, but I think Ella and Pi might cuddle more than The Hubs and I do. It's a little weird, if I'm being honest.......

Get a room you two!

*Girl Child got sick and had to go to the doctor. Turns out, she had strep throat. Joy! They gave her a shot of antibiotics and a shot of steroid to kind of speed up the healing process. She was not happy with this and threatened to run. Instead, she opted to sit in the floor and pout.

She doesn't look 11 to me. :(

* So I'm trying to do homework when Pi comes up and shoves his head under my arm. He wanted to go outside. This is is why of asking.

Hey mom...need help?

* Don't you hate it when you and your husband accidentally coordinate your outfits?

I was reluctant to take a pic.

* The Hubs and I are the youth leaders over the middle school youth group. This is our room after we re-arranged it. We have a small group right now.

Lil Bit enjoys it!

* We have the bird feeders out and full of seed. Kitty G enjoys watching the birds eat. I'm sure he has no other reason for watching them and the random meows that come from him are purely for inspiration as he roots them on! lol

He's not hunting birds..nooooo

* We made friends with two of the cows next door. Previously, they wouldn't come to us, but now, they are all about long as we have cantaloupe rinds with us!

Skim Milk and Oreo

* Evidently Ella thinks we are supposed to sit like this on the couch. She insists.

Don't you worry about what's going on over here....

* It's warming up and we all know what that means! Time to fire up the grill. Wooooooot!

Grill baby grill!

* Finally, a bit of sad news. Back in September, I talked about how Lil Bit lost her first tooth and got her very own goldfish in a fly post. She does such a good job taking care of them, but sadly, one has gone on to fishy Heaven. We scored a bigger tank for a great deal and was going to transfer them over when we discovered that Joy was belly up. We called Lil Bit in and she just cried and cried. It absolutely broke my heart. We gave Joy a funeral, complete with our pastor delivering a prayer (over the phone). Here are a couple of pictures.....

Writing on Joy's grave marker.
It says "We all love you!" She said Joy loved soccer.

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  1. Our crazy dogs sit on the couch like yours -- both pics. Loved the funeral idea -- we did the same thing when my daughter's gold fish jumped OUT of the bowl and we found him in the morning on the floor. She said he committed suicide and she could not understand why.

  2. Cantaloupe rinds? I didn't know that. Poor Lil Bit, I'm so sorry she lost her fish. Glad you're helping her move on. Love all these animal pics. Maybe you and hubs should coordinate matching overalls?

  3. YES, I do hate it when my husband and I coordinate outfits without even trying. Ugh! No idea about cantaloupe rinds either - crazy. Sorry to hear about Lil Bit and her fish.

  4. Sorry about Lil Bit and her fish. Sad day. And Cantaloupe rinds? I never knew.

  5. I take the shot rather than attempt swallowing the elephant antibiotics. I hope she felt better quickly!

    As long as Kitty G doesn't bring a magpie into your bedroom (still alive), count yourself lucky.

  6. Love the new look of your blog and Pi is such a cutie!! Hey, sorry it took me so long to get over here---but Mom is doing better now, so Im trying to get caught up on my blog reading!


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