Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The United States of A-holes

Over the weekend, I became absolutely sickened by some of the people that live here in the good ol' US of A. I was reading through some of the comments on various news outlets about the state dinner and how Sasha and Malia Obama were able to be in attendance for the first time. Yahoo decided to share a picture of them with a misleading caption of "Obama girls in $20,000 dresses" (I'm paraphrasing that), which led to an uproar of people stating "I bet I paid for that with my tax money" or "tax money that could have gone to other things", etc. Never once did any of them bother to read the article where it stated that the dresses were LOANED to the girls by the designers. But that's not what made me want to just not live on this planet anymore.


There were people who were talking about how disgusting the girls were, calling them gorillas, spoiled brats, talking about how ugly they were and just all around being mean. One person actually said that they were nasty because of who their father was.


Okay, I understand that people may not like Obama. I get it. You don't HAVE to like him. But come the flip on, man. These are kids 17 and 14 (round about). To sit there behind your computer screen and be a keyboard warrior and blast these KIDS is absolutely disgusting and shameful. Wishing death to them because of their last name, saying things about Drumpf should have them deported when he becomes president (or Supreme Leader as he will make us call him), it really shows just how many pitiful people there are in this world.

You don't have to like Obama or even Michelle, but jeez, leave the kids outta your hatred. They didn't do anything to deserve it. They can't help that their parents are the POTUS and FLOTUS. You think they WANTED this life? Don't sit and be a horrible human being to them because you don't like their parents. 

Maybe I don't like your parents. Should I be a jerk to you?

I'm going to share this adorable picture of Malia giving Sasha the thumbs up when she met Ryan Reynolds with you.....because I can.
Photo Cred: Today

Don't be like Drumpf, America.
Be nice.

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