Monday, June 13, 2016

More Love Less Hate

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, a man entered a club in Orlando Florida, opened fire and murdered 50 innocent club-goers and injured 53 more. The faith of this man isn't relevant because I don't believe his religion is why he did it. The club was a gay club. The man was homophobic. That he later pledged his allegiance to an extremist group means little when it comes down to the why of the situation. 

He didn't like gay people.

Saturday night, people got dressed and went to a club with the intention of dancing and having a good time. This turned into a horrific nightmare that none of us want to experience. 

Mothers and fathers lost their child. Brothers and sisters lost a sibling. Children lost a parent. This is real life, guys. This is real pain that few of us will ever experience. These are people who will never get to see the person they love alive again. These are people's lives! This is not the time to push your political agenda. 

It sickens me to see people take a tragedy like this and use it as a platform to stand upon and deliver their bullcrap agenda that isn't meaningful at that moment. Do we need stricter gun laws? This blogger says yes. Are all Muslim people evil? This blogger says no. Were these lives taken because of a radical movement or homophobic hatred? I think it is the latter, personally. But none of this matters right now. What matters is that there are families out there going to bed tonight absolutely destroyed because they have lost someone they love.

It is disrespectful, disgusting and absolutely inhumane to take this tragedy that is so fresh and turn it into something to justify their hatred. This is a time to come together and lift these people up, to bring peace and comfort when it is needed most. These families are having a moments of weakness, so we need to be their strength. These families need to grieve, so we need to be their shoulder to do that on. THIS is the time to push our personal agendas aside and band together for a greater good. 

Later, we can voice our opinions on gun control. Later, we can point fingers like children misplacing blame. Later, we can become divided again and try to through out an entire religion based on some bad apples. We can turn a blind eye to the fact that every religion has their own brand of extremism, they just aren't as vocal about it. 

To the families, the victims, the injured and the bystanders, I'm sorry. I weep with you. I pray with you. I mourn with you. I stand with you. Right now, we are ALL family. You have your moment of weakness. I will gladly be your strength.

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