Monday, June 6, 2016

My Husband: A Tribute

My husband is one of the most amazing men I've ever met and that's not something I say easily. There are many, many, MANY reasons I think this about him, but only one MAJOR reason.

Eight years ago, when The Hubs and I met, I was a single mother of 4 year old twins. I told him from get-go that I wasn't looking for a father for my kids. I wanted him to respect them, but he didn't have to be their father. He said to me "I couldn't love you if I didn't love your kids...."

I accepted this, but I didn't expect him to jump right into the role of caregiver for us. Yet, when Boy Child called The Hubs Daddy for the first time, he didn't run. He just answered to the name. From that day forward, The Hubs was Daddy. He took to the title and role like he'd been doing it all along.

When I got pregnant with Lil Bit, I was worried that he would treat her better than he treated Boy and Girl Child, or maybe now that he had a kid of his own, he wouldn't even care about them. That was stupid of me, because he didn't change, his heart just grew.

Eight  years later, if you ask him, The Hubs will tell you that he considers the kids as much his as Lil Bit is. Legally, they ARE his, as he adopted them and gave them his last name. And for two kids that share zero DNA with him, they have a lot of similar characteristics. Especially Boy Child. He is like a little Hubs made over.

He has a relationship that is different with each of the kiddos. Right now, we are dealing with the whole Tween Angst thing with Girl Child, so there is a lot of eye rolling, huffing and fighting the urge to just shake her. That goes for BOTH of us. But I look at him and I see a man who loves three kids so much. I look at him and I see a man who stepped up and loved two kids who needed a daddy.

That's one hell of a man, if you ask me.

So, during this month in which we honor fathers, I honor my husband. A man who doesn't realize just how amazing he is. I love you, Hubs!

Please join my friends in honoring the fathers of the world!

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  1. Such a beautiful tribute, Sarah. In this day of ever changing meaning of family and parenting, you break down the meaning of "Father" to its core.
    I remember the day he adopted the twins. It still gives me chills.

  2. That's wonderful and I'm so happy for you and especially the kids that you found your hubs. What a blessing.

  3. I got a bit teary-eyed. My husband was the same - I was pregnant with Bigfoot when I met him. So I relate to this so much!

  4. It takes a special man to step up to the plate like that. I'm glad you found one!


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