Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Next Generation

Sunday afternoon, while waiting for church to start, my dear friend and our nursery worker A came in and was sobbing. I immediately stood, took her in my arms and held her while she cried on my shoulder. Standing near by was her girlfriend, looking as downtrodden as I felt.

Girl Child and Lil Bit spent the church service in the nursery with A, who was sobbing on and off due to the tragedy that occurred on Orlando. Being the type of girls they are, they asked A what was wrong. A, knowing how we, as a family, are, told them.

That night, Girl Child and I were outside, taking the dogs out. I asked her if she knew why A was crying and she said yes, then told me the reason. I asked her how she felt about the situation and she said that it was sad and they didn't deserve that. Then she said something that made me know I was doing this parenting thing right.

"I support lesbian and gay people. They can't help who they love. There are lesbians at my school and they get picked on all the time. One girl thought this other girl was a lesbian and told her how much she liked her. Later, on the bus, people where making fun of her (the lesbian). I told them to stop, that it wasn't right to pick on her just because she likes other girls. It mad me sad that people did that."

Girl Child is 11. Boy Child (also 11) often stands up to his friends when they start bad mouthing those in the LGBTQ community.  Lil Bit (6) thinks it is totally fine for girls to dress as boys and vice versa. They get it. 


So why can't adults? 

The Hubs and I are raising the kiddos to be open-minded, accepting and caring individuals. They would have been just as saddened and upset by this tragedy as we were. 

THIS is how we are helping. THIS is our difference.

Make it yours!

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  1. I'm trying. And every time I hear of someone else who is, it gives me hope.


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