Friday, September 9, 2016

Pictures and Memories

I have been a mom since 2004. That's 12 years. In that time, we have been through a lot. We've moved, we've rebuilt, we've rediscovered. For the swap this month, my prompt was to talk about my favorite year of being a mom. I can't narrow it down to one year, because something fun, some memory has come from every year since I became a mom. So, I'm going to take favorite memories from each year since 2004 and share it with you.

My life was changed forever, because I became a mom. Not a mom of one, but of two. No, I didn't have a busy year, I had twins (as if you didn't know that! Pfffft. lol). On July 24, 2004, Boy and Girl Child came into this world, just a little bit early though. They weren't due until September 8, 2004.
l-r: Boy Child and Girl Child
The glorious time came where Boy and Girl Child were FINALLY able to walk. It's one of my favorite memories from this year because they were so cute about it and they started not long after their first birthday. I was told that they could be 2 before they would start walking, so they proved the doctors wrong.
Girl Child taking her steps

Boy Child taking his steps
People always thought that either Girl Child was a boy or Boy Child was a girl. Girl Child took FOREVER to grow her hair and Boy Child had to most gorgeous blond was crazy. So, this was the year she got her ears pierced and he got his hair cut. I cried for DAYS after cutting his hair!
Bye curls!
This was little later, but absolutely adorable
As a single mom (at the time), I didn't get to do much with the kids. So, when I was finally able to take them to the zoo, I jumped at it. We had a blast! They loved getting to look at the animals and I loved seeing their faces light up.

We were hatched!
A lot of things changed in 2008. We moved from Florida to Kentucky, we got our own place, Boy and Girl Child started preschool and we met someone who would change our lives forever. This was the beginning of a new and amazing story in our lives together and one that I wouldn't re-write for anything in this world. It was in September of this year that I married The Hubs, the man who would give Boy and Girl Child something they were lacking, the love of a Daddy and the man who would show me who I am.
First day of preschool

The Hubs and I before we got married.

Girl and Boy Child and their Daddy
This brought more changes, as our family grew by one. It was 7 years and 4 days ago that Lil Bit came screaming (literally) into this world. It was also the year Boy and Girl Child started Kindergarten, or as I called it (for so long), the start of the big leagues. This year, our lives started a different adventure, one that I have loved going on.
First day of Kindergarten

Welcome to the world, Lil Bit!
Being who we are, we set out on a journey in 2010, attempting to relocate our family from Kentucky to Florida. I say attempting because, well....that's all it was. It wasn't a success. But we DID have fun and Lil Bit got to experience the beach for the first time.
Beach Bums
This was probably one of our more boring years. We'd come back to Kentucky and settled in to a pretty boring life. We DID, however, get our first family picture made this year.
My babies
This year saw us getting a taste of Hollywood as we were made up by professional make-up artist Dusty June for the Thriller Ride we did with some friends. We were a stop for cyclists to fuel up with refreshments and food. We went with a zombie theme, basically The Walking Dead. Boy Child, Girl Child and Lil Bit absolutely jumped at the chance to be zombies. Me? I was a burn victim.
We saw a lot of changes and memories in 2013. Lil Bit started preschool, we met Jeff Hardy. The Hubs and I took Boy and Girl Child to their first live wrestling match where we watched Jeff in action. But the absolute best memory? Girl and Boy Child officially became The Hubs' children, as the adoption we'd been working on for 20 months finally became final.
Preschool Star!
Girl Child, Boy Child, Jeff Hardy and me
Tickets to see TNA!
The judge, The Hubs, me, Boy Child and Girl Child

We went on our first family vacation in 2014. We went and spent a month, during the summer, in Port Huron, MI. We had to go to Detroit in April for a funeral and it was all of our first time being there, except for The Hubs, who was born and raised there. The Hubs took us to Port Huron for a day and I fell in love. When we came back, we moved into a new house and got our first pet, Pi. Girl Child, having to be the first at everything, became the first child to break a bone. Tragedy struck again when my cousin passed. This caused a change that would take place in 2015.
On the shore of Lake Huron
Pi Guy as a puppy
Rocking her cast
Due to a tragedy in 2014, we started going to church. Boy and Girl Child got saved and baptized. They also started middle school this year. We got another furbaby and I started school. Lots of personal growth this year!
First day of middle school and 1st grade.

Boy Child getting saved
Girl Child getting saved.
Boy Child getting baptized
Girl Child getting baptized
Ella Bella

Here we are in 2016. Things have changed again. Tragedy struck when we lost Pi. I'm still in school and have made both Dean's and President's list. We moved to Florida. Lil Bit was saved. We got to experience a Tampa Bay Bucs open practice. So far, it's been a pretty good year. I can't wait to see what comes next!
Lil Bit getting saved
Welcome to Florida!
President's List, y'all!
Bucs open practice

Thank you for taking this walk down memory lane. Sorry it took so long! 

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 11 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. My subject was "
What was your favorite year of motherhood (so far), when your kid(s) were what age(s)? Why?" and it was submitted by our fearless leader, Karen from Baking in a Tornado. Thanks for the honor!!

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  1. I loved this walk down your memory lane. I felt that I really got to know you. You did an awesome job and the pics are perfect

  2. I don't think I could even pick one highlight from each year like you did. There've been so many crazy adventures and mis-adventures in our life. I guess that's how it goes, huh?

  3. Although every year has given you great memories, my favorite is 2013. I remember the day the twins were adopted. It was so exciting!

  4. Very hard to choose the best year indeed!
    You did great picking EVERY year ;-)
    I can't believe your twins were born July 24, 2004 - that's my wedding day! And in September 2008 when you got married I had our baby!

  5. I cracked up when I saw my Chicken Festival prompt! I've lived in London a few times over the years, but we mostly lived in northern Kentucky. Now, I live in SC, much much better! Another we have in common your beautiful children! I have 2 year old twin grand babies, a boy and girl! It's hard but oh it's so much fun! I'm totally addicted to them! Thanks for a great prompt!


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