Friday, November 11, 2016

Good-Bye America

I woke up Wednesday morning to find my world had been flipped upside down. A man who stood for hate, who stood for discontent, who openly mocked handicapped people, won the Presidential election. This was a gross mistake on the part of the voters, in my opinion. 

I've never been more scared for my future and the future of my country than I am now. We have a person in office who is going to absolutely undo all of what this country stands for. If your skin is brown, you're screwed. If you're a woman, you're screwed. If you're a homosexual, you're screwed. 

Basically, we are all screwed, unless we fit into the category of who our orange-skinned leader thinks is worthy. 

Voting Trump into office was not only a mistake, but it was a reckless one at that! We aren't thinking about the future for the child with cerebral palsy  who was kicked out of a Trump rally recently. We aren't thinking about the LGBTQ community who are terrified about being forced to undergo conversion therapy. 

I'm heartbroken for this country. 

I'm SCARED for this country.

And because I can't figure out a way to put this word into my post.....

There's a picture of an apple.

Here were my words for this month: Brown ~ Gross ~ Reckless ~ Child ~ Apple ~ Scared
Thanks to Southern Belle Charm for the words.....

See what my friends have for you?


  1. Oh man, I couldn't agree more. I've been sick to my stomach since Wednesday. I told my husband that this is the first time in my life I've ever been ashamed to be an American. My son went to war and fought for this country and this is what we get? I just don't understand how people can be so ignorant. Okay, rant over lol! I'm scared too and Canada is starting to look very good to me!

  2. I'm scared as a human being, as a citizen of this country and as a Jew as well. His words "we're going to start saying Merry Christmas in this country again, believe me" is ringing in my ears.
    College Boy went to a Bernie rally recently. He met a woman who had attended a Trump rally just out of curiosity. She told him the rally started by asking all Christians to raise their hands. She said that she's Christian but didn't raise her hand because she objected to the question. She says she was harassed. I worry for my boys.

    1. I saw that on Youtube, Karen, and afterwards the producers showed a very similar performance of Hitler, it was scarily comparable.

  3. I'm right there with you. I've cried and panicked and feel my anxiety ever increasing. And today I'm angry at being told to get over it. I feel like my safety was sold by people I know--friends and family--for promises of a better life for them with no regard for my safety or for the well-being of so many other people in this country. I could have been fine with a decent Republican in office with perhaps some differing policy opinions than my own, but I can't live with this.

  4. I was up during election night, and I got increasingly shocked and scared, the more red states were added to the map.
    I may be clutching on straws here but I'm still hoping for a miracle on Dec 19.

    Here are 10 things I want to say to the Donald:

  5. I feel like I've just seen the last sixty years of slowly working toward acceptance wiped away in a heartbeat. It truly scares me. It is even trickling across the border. Yesterday a man in a checkout line here in Edmonton started harassing a woman of Filipino descent. Who was born in this country. As were her parents! The checker told him the line was closing behind the woman and he had to go elsewhere. But really? I'm so frightened for my grandkids. Well done with the words, BTW, Sarah! You are amazing!

  6. Another well written blog....


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