Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Blessings

The laughter I hear
The I love yous
The hugs
The kisses
The cuddles
These are my blessings
To know that my body
Created these little people
To know that I have the ability
To shape and mold the future
Or at least 3 parts of it
To see them grow
Each in their own way
These are my blessings
I am a mother
It is an honor to say that
I am a mother
I carried them in my womb
I am a mother
That is my blessing


  1. Love this, Sarah! My littles are my blessings, too! :)

  2. Without a doubt motherhood and my children are my greatest blessing. So well said.

  3. Yes. Motherhood is my greatest blessing!

  4. YESSSS...the knowledge that I created these little minions. Such a blessing.


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