Friday, April 7, 2017

About Last Night

I didn't mean to make a mess of things. Sometimes, it just happens that way. Last night is proof of that.
I was sitting there, you see....just sitting there minding my own business when, out of the corner of my eye, I see it. I see it sitting there, taunting me, begging me to act. I tried....I tried SO HARD to resist. But I just.....couldn't....I couldn't resist. 
I blinked and it wasn't there anymore! I looked down and it was on my paw, slowly creeping away. I HATE when that happens. I hate it, hate it, hate it! Eyeing it, I watch as it creeps across the floor. I pretend to ignore it, then.....
I caught it!
Looking down, I see that it's behind me now.
What the actual hell?!
I turn around to try to get it and it moves behind me again.
I'm getting real sick of this stupid thing. I go sit on the couch and ignore it, thinking if I did that, it would go away. I eye it as it climbs the wall, next to the window. I slowly approach it and watch as it continues to climb the wall. 
I'm going to get it.....
I'm really going to get it.........
It's now closer to the ceiling, above the curtain. 
Making my move, I lower down a bit to get a better jump and.....
I soar through the air and grab on to the curtain to gain better leverage. 
Next thing I know, I'm falling.
The curtain is falling.
We are a tangled mess, the curtain and I.
And that red dot is STILL alive.

Today is Secret Subject Swap day!!!
My subject is "You did something stupid crazy, you just had to do it.  What was it? Did it work out the way you wanted?" and it was submitted by my girl over at Southern Belle Charm. Thanks! Hope I did ya proud!!

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  1. LOL, you kill me. I was actually freaking out, thinking "spider".

  2. What a great twist on a prompt. Love it!

  3. LOL!! My cat hates that red dot and he is as determined as you are to catch it! I wish you both the best of luck on your impossible missions!

  4. I was thinking spider...I love what you did with the prompt.

  5. That damn red dot will get you every single time! great job.


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