Wednesday, April 12, 2017


As Winter releases his grip
Open your eyes
Take in the warmth of renewal
The flowers coming to life
The trees waking up from their slumber
Embrace the Sun
Experience the new grass beneath your feet
Behold the power of the water
The lifeforce of our existence
Drink in the new life of Mother Earth
Appreciate the gift you are given
With the dawning of a new spring
Give back the energy borrowed
During the harsh, bitter cold
Become one with all that is around you
From the cold dead comes new life
For this is a rebirth

Today's post is a group effort. This poem is inspired by the subject for this month's poetry theme, which is Renew.

See what my friends have for you!

Karen from Baking In A Tornado
Dawn from Spatulas on Parade

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  1. You captured perfectly everything I feel about this time of year, coming out of winter's cave and taking that deep breath!


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